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The Funding Newsletter offers a monthly snapshot of over 100 funding opportunities both those that have deadlines in the coming month and also those with ongoing funds or with deadlines further in the future.

The membership subscription gives members access to the Knowledgebank of information containing over 170 help sheets and templates, and an additional level of email and phone support as well as reductions on the cost of training and other benefits.

The costs are:

  • Funding Subscription: £10 / year

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  • Small organisation income under £30k: £25 / year
  • Organisation income between £30k and £250k: £50 / year
  • Organisation income between £250k and £500k: £75 /year
  • Organisation income over £500k, Individual Consultant or Community Federation: £100 /year
  • CVS/RCC/Volunteer Centre: £125 /year
  • Local Authority or Housing Association: £250 /year

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